YOU who are trying to hacked, Know that the eye of the CREATOR is on you.

You are trying to stop a service to a community that needs it.

If you don't stop your dark works, you will get very bad karma this lifetime and many more lifetime for you and your family for many generations.

I ask you to stop and leave this website alone in the name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Or The Creator AND Spirits will deal with you.

Then when you or your close family members have an incurable disease physical or mental. you'll be praying God to heal you or them. then you will remember that your bad work is the cause of it all.

Remember Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.

We are on this earth to live together, let's stop hurting each other. We only come to live and die.

We are not taking anything with us in the grave - We will only have the bad or good that we did on earth.

Don't let your bad actions carry to you, your kids, grandkids, great grand-kids for many generations.

The videos are not downloaded, they are embedded, so all the creators and youtube channels owners will still get their views when people watch from our site.

This site is created to help Haitians find Haitian Youtube channels and for Haitians to have fun and vote for Haitian channels each month or each week.

people still have to go watch the shows on youtube. If you have a problem with the site. Please contact us.